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Refurbishment projects are renowned for presenting challenges. Their very nature prevents complete integration with pre-determined design. As such we find that many refurbishments develop and change as the building works progress on site. In traditional contracts with multiple professionals involved, the ability to respond quickly to these changes can be challenging and often leads to spiralling fees and overruns. Bringing all of the services under one roof whether architectural design, cost consulting or interior design de-risks the refurbishment process. Creating a collaborative project team working closely together for a single goal offers numerous benefits. Problems can be identified and responded to far quicker, the project is the focus and not liability mitigation, multiple percentage based professional fees are avoided and clients have a single point of contact throughout.

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Our intimate construction knowledge is invaluable to the design process, recognising pitfalls and design errors before they occur.

Crucially we focus the design process on cost and ensure that developing design meets budgets from the outset. Design and Build at Mallett is an holistic process putting budget led, innovative design at the centre of each project.

Primrose Hill Bathroom Mallet London
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